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In an attempt to keep the newsletter an interesting read, and give people something to talk about we have decided to do a Nostalgia page.  With the help of Jerry and his huge archive of material we plan to bring you a selection of photographs and features related to the Raceway here at Shakespeare County.  If you have any  photos or articles of your own that you would like to see here then please submit them so that we can use them.

American Top Fuel Rider Bo O'Brochta being interviewed by Jim Reynolds and a youthful Jerry Cookson (with hair!) at the very successful Trans Atlantic Drag Bike Meet

A scenic shot of Long Marston Raceway at the Transatlantic Drag Bike Meet.  The burnout was courtesy of Bo O'Brochta in front of a packed stand.

Jet One pilot Malcom Olley in the Pink Panther Goblin Jet Dragster.  This   dragster used a 1956 De-Havilland  Goblin engine used in the Vampire Jet Fighter.

NDRC modified champion John Kirk in 1981 in his TVR tuscan.

MDRA member Paul Eastbury's wheelstanding Yamaha

Pat Cuss behind the controls of the Bell-Ray Streamliner Pro Comp Dragster.  This dragster was Donovan powered and included Tommy Ivo front spats.ter.

Ronnie Piccardo performs a flame burnout at the 1981 Fireworks meet at Long Marston Raceway,  minus the Blue Samuri Datsun 280zx body.

Dutch rider Cees Van Dongen's powerful Honda Dragbike.

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