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In the last issue of Quick Times I made the comment about Eurodragster, saying 'where would we be without them …in chaos I imagine'.  I believe this is true, as Eurodragster is the first place I look for news about what's happening and the latest results, I'm also sure that many other people do this too.  Eurodragster consists of three key people Tony B, Tog and Sharkman, though Tony B has taken a back seat due to ill health recently.

A brief history of Eurodragster: Originally there was a Photographer called Tog with a web page called Tog's Drag Racing Page, and Tony with another web site called "Tony B's Guide to Drag Racing".  At a meeting in 1997 of webmasters at Santa Pod (sounds like a secret society) Tony brought forward an idea to have one web site with all the European links, driver and track information in one central site making it easy for fans and racers to get information.

This is where the seeds of were born, and at the start of 1998 was launched; and the article that was to establish the site firmly in the hearts of the drag racing community was called European Drag Racing News.  This article was a daily updated news scoop with information from around the globe on the drag racing scene, and today this is the front page that you notice when logging on to  With the site taking off and getting noticed, Fay and Paul Fischer from Speedflow Products stepped in with a sponsorship deal in return for a logo on the home and news pages.  At the end of the year Eurodragster experimented with live updates and a very economical web site hosting service offered to the racers, with a swap meet and a classified section added sponsored by Hauser Race Cars.  It was now clear that two bodies were not enough, so in stepped Sharkman at the start of 1999, this man doesn't need an introduction just have a look at his web site.  Now with added help and another keen photographer Eurodragster took a firm hold on the 1999 season and provided excellent photography, video and articles from all race events within the UK.  They even managed to get as far afield as Sweden, with the guys sometimes working a 16-hour day to ensure that the live updates always got done.Sharkman in search of that next story

The 2000 season brings trips to Holland and Germany for the guys, as well as the continued live updates and reports from within the UK Drag Racing Scene.  The 2000 season also saw the introduction of another two sponsors, this time concentrating on the live update side of, and High Performance Heaven.  The two sponsors are involved with the World Wide Web so it makes sense to be involved with the premier Drag Racing News Site on the Web.  As ever are always thankful to their fans and this time the thanks went to Stephen and Pat Talbot who arranged the deal.

Eurodragster are the first to admit that the popularity of the site couldn't be done without the help of the fans who keep coming back, the racers, clubs and promoters and the sponsors who help defray so much of the cost.

Personally I didn't have as much involvement with the guys last season as I do now, but it's really came together quite nicely with help, photos, and articles for Quick Times Racing News.  I have to say that the service Tog and Sharkman have done so far this year at Shakespeare County Raceway has been exceptional, they have a hard job to do and often work late to get the reports and pictures out.  Eurodragster do this for love, its not a paid job for them, they don't make money out of Eurodragster, they purely do it to service the needs of the Drag Racing community.  After a hard day's work consisting of photos, stories, and videos, they can party hard whilst eating Pizza, and Sharkman is mainly responsible for my Sunday morning hangovers at Super Series.  So in this issue of Quick Times I would like to thank Eurodragster for continuing to provide such a valuable service.  And if anyone bumps into the guys at the track, remember Tog has the Pizza and Sharkman gets the beer! Cheers and good luck for the rest of the season.

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