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Last Words

The End Complete

Or should that be how to complete this ending, I have to say this is now the second newsletter that I have wrote and I hope its as good as the first one.  I've tried to give every area of the sport a fair representation, and if I've left you out then let me know your details and I'll fit you in next time round.  I hope you can see the newsletter developing and growing into what you the racers want to see, it is working because you want it to work and that's positive.

In this issue we had a nostalgic look at how the track was in previous years, and thanks go to Jerry for this.  Jerry due to his extensive knowledge of Drag Racing throughout the UK, and also his long-standing association with what's now called Shakespeare County Raceway, was able to provide material from his archives.  This is a feature that we hope to run with for the next couple of issues, so if you have anything you would like to see featured then please get in touch.

As ever any articles you can provide on events, racers, funny bits are always welcome, also any suggestions as to what you would like to see can also help.

So for now I'll go and wish you well, take care and see you on the track.

Regards    Ozzy

LastMinute News:    We have just received a letter from Bob Hancox thanking everyone who helped him at the Nostalgia Nats, we will print this and bring you the full story in the next edition.

Super Series 2000

Brian Fawcus

JADE Racing

Contributors This Issue    In one form or another...

Eurodragster for all photographs unless otherwise stated, Jerry Cookson for his wealth of knowledge help and ideas, Brian Fawcus, Gareth Evans, Pete Moore, Marty Kane, Tog, Sharkman, FAST, Jan, Wayne, Christopher, Simon, Julie, Corrine, Bruno, Sophie, FAST, John Andrews, Turbo, Jade Racing, Bev, Terry & Tina,    British Mini Club, Roy Wilding, The Wild Bunch.

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